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About Crystals Tech Ltd.

Crystals Technologies Ltd. is a subsidiary of the IQ Express Ltd Group. Crystals Tech is an international product distribution company based in Szombathely.

We are the official distributors of products from two high-end Japanese companies, Fujitsu-FDK and Iris Ohyama. Fujitsu-FDK manufactures the highest quality, award-winning rechargeable batteries on the market, as well as disposable alkaline batteries. Our company is the official but not the exclusive distributor of Fujitsu-FDK products.

Iris-Ohyama Japan’s wide range of products includes: fans, air conditioners, mobile air conditioners, small kitchen appliances, handheld vacuum cleaners, masks, plastic DYI containers and boxes, pet products and home humidity control machines. This brand is widely recognized throughout Asia, Africa and several American states. Crystals Technologies Kft is the official and exclusive distributor of the brand in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia.

Our company is proud of the quality of all the products it sells.
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Iris Ohyama

With a focus on the “Comfortable Lifestyle”, Iris OHYAMA designs and manufactures the most practical products to address and reduce potential consumer dissatisfaction to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable since 50 years.

IRIS OHYAMA Inc. was established in April 1971. The executive chairmen are Akihiro Ohyama and Kentaro Ohyama. The Iris-Ohyama group consists of 26 group companies with 28 factories worldwide. They also have the world's largest fully automated warehouse. The IRIS Group had total sales of 500 billion yen in 2019, and the number of employees in January 2020 exceeded 12,860 people.

The Iris Ohyama brand embodies the quality of the Japanese brand culture. A Japanese quality product is always a guarantee that the product will work properly.

Fujitsu-FDK Corporation

FDK-Fujitsu is one of the world's largest battery and accumulator manufacturers. FDK Corporation manufactures and sells electronic ceramic components, electronically used products, magnetic heads, batteries and accumulators. The Company's products include ferrite cores, permanent magnets, stepper motors, rotary transformers, switching power supplies, hybrid integrated circuits (ICs), PC cards and fiber optic communication components.

Rooted in the technological skill cultivated through computer development, PFU provides total ICT solutions and services-hardware such as document scanners that hold the top number of shares in the world, interactive KIOSKs and embedded computer systems boasting an impressive sales track record, security and document management software and systems.

With their own factories in Japan, they guarantee customers the best quality in a world where almost every company already manufactures its products in China.


We sell only Japanese products, thus guaranteeing the best possible quality.


In addition to quality, our products are also characterized by reliability and long-lasting.

Fast shipping

Within Hungary, all products in stock will be delivered within 2 working days.


We believe in the quality of the products we sell, so we boldly guarantee them.